Dramatis Personae

Check back to this page often, as new names enter the blog as quickly as fresh faces enter my life.

Rob – Your webmaster.  For a little more background, check out my first post.

The Auteur – My fiancee and The Love of My Life.  Mother of 1B and The New Guy.  Check out her lightning-like entry into my life here.

Phred –  my sister.  She too, is among the unfortunate majority of American marriages. A great friend and drinking partner, and an even better sister.

Guillaume – my brother.

Mother – my mom.  Duh.

The Old Man – Again, duh.  My father.  He passed away in early February 2015 but naturally continues to be a major presence in my life.

Jabba – The Ex-Wife.  Other aliases include STBX or simply X.

The Kid – My oldest son. He is the greatest thing in my life and the only reason I continue to interact with the Jabba on any level.

1B – The Auteur’s daughter and God willing my soon-to-be-step-daughter.

The New Guy – Me & The Auteur’s child.  Read about his arrival here!

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