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preemptive strike

Wednesday, the Auteur and I were speaking (as we had been every night this week) and we were half jokingly / half seriously talking about getting together on Thursday or Friday (before our planned Saturday date) – kind of a preemptive strike if you will.

Thursday she suggests we meet up after she drops off her daughter for the weekend. Naturally, I agreed. This is my story (cue Law & Order boom-boom)

We met at this small micro brewery and watched the Michigan-Kansas State game. We were having a good time talking and watching the game except the bar was closing at 11 PM (yes, on a Friday) so we ended up at a local Chili’s until they kicked us out at 12:30. With her car safely parked in at micro-brewery, I suggested we could hang out at my sister’s apartment  (she was at my parents’ house for the weekend and had given me the key assuming I would be crashing there).  Off we went.

We hung out for a bit before we started to fool around.  And around.  And around.  We went further than I have ever gone – physically – on a first date.  But like everything else with The Auteur so far, it just felt right.

As corny as this may sound, she makes me feel like a man – something  haven’t felt in a LONG time.  She makes me feel like I’m strong, like I’m desirable.  She’s definitely girly-er than the STBX is/was, which is something I appreciate – both for it’s newness and the sense of normalcy is creates.

another happy hour…or four…

The social club  had another happy hour tonight – they seem to do one per month. this was was in a different town, so I didn’t expect the same crowd, per Sis’s words.

The bar we went to had a live band called, i kid you not, Free Beer. They were a really good cover band. I won a free drink from them for answering a trivia question., but I gave it to Phred, because, let’s face it, it’s the least I could do for her.

I gotta admit, before going out tonight,  in the back of my mind, I hoped I would see Red and SHG there. But realistically, I figured this area was a little bit out of their zone of comfort. I kinda assumed they would stick to Royal Oak,  sure they were at Boo Bash, but I was trying to not get my hopes up.

To make a long story short, they were there. I saw them, after Free Beer finished their first set. I made eye contact and they came over. This did a lot to fuel my self-esteem. I didn’t even talk to them after that. I figured I’d play it cool. Phred was there to remind me that THEY approached ME. They made they point of talking to ME. Will anything ever come out of this? I don’t know. But it’s nice to be “out there playing the game” again. Especially on a night when I didn’t plan on.

You ever notice how these things tend to happen when and where you least expect them?

Game on…

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