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I did it.

I sent out THE PAPERS on Friday afternoon following a brief conversation the STBX and I had while I was at bowling on Thursday.  She asked me where the separation agreement was and then tried to lecture me on legal proceedings.  I even told her that my lawyer informed me that she hadn’t filed anything yet.

To me, it’s not really a big deal which one of us files papers and gets this divorce thing started.  It is a big deal to her, or at least, it was. “I am the one who was wronged” she said to me before I moved out.

It felt very empowering to go to the post office and mail off those papers.  It’s probably the first time I’ve felt as if i’m in control of this whole situation.  And that is a very nice place to be for a change.

I am expecting some kind of fallout from this.  It’s inevitable.  Actually, the big surprise if there was no backlash.

Oh and incidentally, Friday was November 2.  Exactly seventeen years to the day that the STBX and I met…

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