my prime directive

Earlier this week, two of the STBx’s former students were murdered and of course it got me thinking.   As a human being, I can’t imagine the horror the young women must have faced.  As a parent, it is the embodiment of his or her worst-possible nightmare.  To me, it is simply unnatural.  Children are supposed to bury their parents; not the other way around.

When faced with death, one naturally begins to think about their own mortality and the importance of every single day and every moment with out loved ones.  This line of thought has led me to one absolute priority in my life right now:


I absolutely hate being away from my son, let alone as far away as I am.

I know that the chances of something like that happening to him are slim; but I’m sure the parents of these two young women though the same thing.  And, as I’ve said before, I will not allow myself to be relegated to being a weekend and holiday dad.

Robocop had his “4 directives“.  Star Trek has it’s Prime Directive.  This is my Prime Directive going forward.

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