The following is a re-telling of a dream I had the night of May 30/morning of May 31 2013:vertigo_pic

I was in a library at a college – my college I guess.  I was climbing stairs.  Going up, then coming down, then climbing over some of the furniture, sculpture on the various floors.  Once on them, I would realize there were no handrails, and no steps. I turned around, front to back, left to right, etc. to realize that I was out there “without a net”.  I was stuck, trapped, and severely disoriented.  I manage to take the path of least resistance time and time again to get myself to sturdy ground.

During one of these climbing scenario, my dad was there he had a police dog with him that sort of ran off on his own, but dad called out to him; knowing that he would find his way back on his own because the dog had been trained to do so.

I would get to my classes, either real late or real early.  This was my college.

I woke up feeling kind of dizzy too.

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