Home is where you hang your hat.

Ahh, the wit and wisdom of Daniel LaRusso
Ahh, the wit and wisdom of Daniel LaRusso

After spending the last three weeks at The Auteur’s house, I’m back at my parents for a few days – as she is working nights and I have evening classes.  It’s a lot quieter here than I remember it being.

i love living with The Auteur, but it’s difficult in that I’m not working yet, there aren’t a lot of job opportunities and I don’t have a car.  It’s very frustrating.  in a lot of ways, I feel like I’m back to square one.  At the same time, I thought I’d be happy to be back at my parents’ house; i figured this would be an opportunity to tend to matters around the home front. But I miss The Auteur and 1B far more than I expected.  I really want to try and build for a life for myself – for us – there.

Truth be told, i’m starting to feel like the “man without a country”.  Don’t get me wrong, my parents’ house will always be home; but I am starting to feel a bit removed from it.  Furthermore, I’m not 100% past feeling like a guest at The Auteur’s house yet.  This is no fault of here:  she refers to things as “our house”  “our room” and “our car” but outside of her house, i don’t have a life in that area yet.

A big part of the reason i decided to move in with The Auteur was that I feel like i finally have a sense of direction in my life again.   Between her, school, my career – I feel like I finally know what i want out of life again

i’m close.  I’m really close.  i feel like I, like we, are on the cusp of greatness and i just need to keep pushing through.

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