3 Reasons Divorce Is Harder On Men Than Women

3 Reasons Divorce Is Harder On Men Than Women.

I don’t think it’s fair to say – as a blanket generalization – that either gender has it harder during divorce than the other.  I honestly believe divorce, like all things in life, is like a case by case basis. the writer hits the nail on the head when she says that men experience a sense of identity loss following the end of their marriage.  the only thing I would disagree with in that section is that I believe that most people let their career – if they have one – define their identity even more so than marriage. In my opinion, this article only scratches the surface on men’s health issues surrounding.  Furthermore, I do feel that more men than ever are seeking counseling during and after marriages.


  1. Ok, first met me apologize for bombarding your blog with comments. I know how much of a PITA that can be so I’m sorry! Work is slow and I have some free time.

    With that out of the way, let me say this. IMHO it is *women* who define themselves by marriage, starting with the bullsh*t engagement ring. Women define themselves as *married* and nothing, I mean nothing, annoys me more than the sympathetic looks I get when I tell women who are married that I am divorced, or to make my response simpler I say, “No I’m not married”.

    I work for one the largest mutual fund companies in the world and I find that most of the women I work with do not define themselves by their careers. They define themselves first and foremost as a mother, wife and then their career. So in this instance I would agree with you in that it is men who define themselves by career first, marital status second.

    The fact that my EXH wanted out of our marriage so he could marry another was devastating – devastating! My divorce blew a hole right through the middle of everything I thought I was and what I was striving for (and building). My EXH acted like the dissolution of our marriage was the equivalent to taking out the trash. After our court date, he went out and celebrated with his new love. I went home and wallowed reading a book a friend had given me (Peyton Place). The week I moved out of our marital home, she moved in a week later. Net-net: the whole thing royally s*cked. There were times I would lie in bed wallowing in pain convinced that I was going to drop dead of a heart attack.

    I know countless other women who have a similar story to mine. The men they were married to left them for younger women. They walked out on their marriages/families and moved in with their new love.

    I have seen women financially devastated by divorce. In fact, educating divorced women on becoming financially independent and building a nest egg is something I am very passionate about and haven spoken about (ad nauseam) with the executives of my firm.


    I could go on but you get the gist.

    The article was definitely interesting.

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