the seeds of a revolution

revolution definition

I’m not in the mood for New Year’s resolutions for 2014, I’m looking at starting a New Year’s Revolution.  I’m not interested in making little change to enhance my life.  I’m looking at making the massive modifications necessary to achieve the goals I have been setting for my life.Sadly  have spent the bulk of the 18 months since my separation drifting.  Even for a time after meeting The Auteur, I spent a good amount of time, going through the proverbial motions – half-assing school, work…drifting.

As I have stated before, I got comfortable living with my parents. I wasn’t happy, but I was comfortable.  Since moving in with The Auteur, I’ve had known what I want, but haven’t known how to achieve those goals.    I’m not pretending I have all the answers – or that I even know all the questions – but I feel that I have much more direction to my life than I’ve had in years.

  • I am turning 40 this year.  Forty. FORTY!
  • I need to get my teaching certificate re-instated.  Period.  I would like to have that done by the end of this school year.
  • I need to get a new car.  Not necessarily a new car, but at least a new-to-me car.
  • I need to find a way to get The Kid up to Michigan at least twice this year:  for 1 month during the summer and a week at Christmas time.  I would like to also possibly make a trip to see him down South.
  • I would like to plan at least one vacation with The Auteur this year.  I’m not sure where yet – I do have some ideas – but we need to get outta Dodge for a few days or a week at least once this year.
  • I want to blog much more frequently.
  • I have another idea or two in the works; but quite honestly, they are so cool that  I don’t want to even discuss them in the event that they don’t come together.
  • No more secrets.  no more lies.  No more bullshit.

I’ve spent the last 18 months trying to reassess who I am, where I’ve been and finally what I want.  It is now time for me to GET what I want.  This blog  will most likely take on a more pro-active tone in the days, weeks and months to come.  Stay tuned.

What is past is prologue” – William Shakespeare.  The Tempest


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