cell phones and dinner
a sing of the times, methinks.

An interesting story about divorce, but maybe not the kind of divorce you’d probably expect me to post here, given the nature of my blog.  Click on the link below before you read my thoughts.  Spoilers follow.


I’m really torn on this one.

I hear A LOT of people talk a lot about this kind of thing.  I used to think it was just crotchety old people talking about ditching their smartphones; so I never gave it much thought until I got rid of mine.  Even without a smartphone, I’m still pretty damn addicted to technology.  Hell, I need technology just to write this blog.

There are times when I really miss my Droid.  I was my camera, my GPS and my mobile internet connection.  I loved getting e-mails in real time; and I loved using my MLB, WWE and Facebook, Twitter and yes, my WordPress apps.  But I have to admit, I get annoyed when I see people out together in public and instead of talking to each other, they are all playing with their cellphones.

In teaching?  Forget it.  I’m subbing right now and kids are always on their phones; not just in my classroom, but in their regular teacher’s rooms as well.  Down South, schools were still fighting the cell phone wars.  By and large, when I taught there, the majority of kids were good about staying off of them.  Who knows what it’s like there now?

I guess the flashpoint for this post (aside from the article I linked to above)  was a conversation we had in my computers class.  The professor asked:  “has technology taken over our lives?”  I has answered that like any technological progress, humanity gains a little and loses a little any time technology takes a step forward.

My Droid won’t take a charge anymore.  It hasn’t had service in over a year, but I used to use it for for the camera/GPS/Wi-Fi capabilities.  Since I’ve gotten rid of it, I haven’t missed it nearly as much as I thought I would.  I used it was just old people or persons with “phone envy” who bitch about smartphone users.  Maybe I’ve become one of those people. i think that I’ve come to realized how disconnected I was from people for a while there.    I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I’ve divorced my smartphone, but we are definitely going through a trial separation.

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