Circle of Love

I saw this the other day and felt like sharing it. While I may not agree with one hundred percent of everything written herein – particularly the “only you can fuck it up” – it does a pretty good job of summing up most of my feelings on love and relationships, particularly from the male point of view…

Getting Personal

When a man decides you are his, he surrounds you with a protective circle of his love.  Only you can fuck that up.  The reason I say “only you can fuck it up” is because truly once a man decides you are the one, he won’t waver, he won’t cheat, he won’t change his mind.  The men who do these things simply haven’t committed to his decision.  He may say he has, but in his heart he knows he didn’t.

There is something so beautiful in the way a man loves.  He carries so much strength and will that sometimes you can almost watch the struggle as it’s happening, as he falls, as he accepts, and as he offers his love to the person he wants.  It’s exquisite.

Once you accept, you’re his to protect, his to love, his to empower, and his to uplift.  Likewise, these are your duties…

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2 responses

  1. Great stuff indeed! Too many women have over-inflated egos and put men down to boost their own. Those same women are the ones who whine the most about not finding decent men. Respect is a two way thing and it seems in many relationships these days, optional.


  2. Thanks Rob for posting this I reposted it too. Sorry you’ll get notified on it.


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