Men After Divorce: In Touch With Feelings – ABC News

Men After Divorce: In Touch With Feelings – ABC News.

This is a somewhat cliched “men have feelings” piece, but I was fascinated to hear that nearly in nearly two-thirds of American divorces, it is the wife who files.

The stat about  divorced men being eight times more likely to commit suicide than divorced women is always a little disturbing, but not news to me.

Oh, and for the record, in my case, Jabba said she wanted a divorce first; but I was the one who actually filed for it.


  1. None of this surprises me, either. Of all the divorced people I know, the majority of the time it has been the woman being the restless one and filing for divorce.

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  2. In my case, my Ex wanted the divorce and filed for divorce. He reconnected with a girl he went to high school with and wanted to marry her. It wasn’t easy to handle and 2013 was not my finest year, but I’ve learned and grown a lot since then, with the help of therapy and fixing up an old 1915 fixer-upper house.

    At this time, I am happy and content with my life. In fact, I rather enjoy being alone, living alone, and being a “table for one”.

    For the longest time I felt that humans were supposed to move in two-by-two formation as if we were boarding an Ark, but I no longer feel that way. We are born into the world alone and we die alone. Some of us are meant to move through life with someone, the rest of us are not. Of course, I am 48 years old and technically “pushing fifty”. Perhaps if I were in my 30s, my feeling and outlook would be different. Who knows.

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