I don’t post much about religion – except maybe here, because frankly, it is an area of my life in which I am just as confused as I have ever been.

I was raised Catholic, though no one could ever accuse me of being a practicing Catholic.  I would attend mass on Christmas Eve, occasionally Easter.  And of course, my mother made me attend Catechism until I made my Confirmation in the 9th grade.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate the tradition of the Catholic church.  Of course, the church has been marred with controversy over the last few years, making me even more jaded in my attitudes toward it and organized religion in general.  Then there’s always the fact that Catholic masses are just plain boring.

Jabba and I were married in a Catholic church – the same one that I was more or less raised in.  Coupled with my divorce I’m sure this only widens this proverbial chasm between myself and faith.

I bring all this up new because The Auteur and I have discussed – at length – having The New Guy baptized.   Simply put, it’s not that important to me.  I understand how it can be to his benefit: being able to get married in a church and giving him, at least, a basic foundation for faith. But i don’t think a person’s religious beliefs, or lack thereof, are a good barometer for judging their character.

I’ve also heard that as a divorced Catholic, if I don’t have my marriage “annulled in the church” then I am not allowed to get married in a Catholic church again until I do.  If that’s the case, then I say fuck the Catholic church.  Its not like jumping through all their hoops he

Of course, the Catholic guilt that is hardwired into my DNA is now saying “You’re going to Hell for this post”…

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