Someone to watch over me

I saw The Old Man in a dream this morning. At first we were driving in my (formerly his) car. He was driving. He heard some noise. We pulled over. He popped the hood and pulled some big part out and said that he had to get it fixed. Then he stayed in the parking lot while the car drove away.

The next thing I know, in that way that dreams inexplicably change scenery, I was in the back of Mother’s van. The Old Man was still talking to me. I could hear him even though the car was pulling away. This was one of those fourth-wall moments where I realized that this wasn’t real.

Scenes changed again and I was just talking to The Old Man. (Sitting? Standing? I don’t remember) He explained to me that in Heaven, he would tell the angel Joseph, who he just calls Joe, that he needed to see his son. Joseph would tell The Old Man: “Three words: ‘he’s not ready’” but The Old Man would sneak out of Heaven anyway, just to check in on me.

I woke up crying in my sleep. Not sobbing or bawling, just a kind of soft cry, that didn’t really have any tears. I didn’t get any personal questions answered, nor were any secrets of the universe revealed to me. I just woke up knowing my Dad is watching over me.

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