Cleanin’ Out My Closet

It’s a little bit something of a tradition here in America to partake in spring cleaning. The idea is that after a long, cold winter, people do a lot of the more intense, heavy duty cleaning that they’ve put off during the colder months.

I recently got bit by the proverbial spring cleaning bug myself. in more ways than one.

Between me, my late father, and the rest of my immediate family, I’ve probably loaded up seven or eight garbage bags full of old clothing that I’ve donated to charity. Even that feels like I’m just starting to really make a dent on the basement.

I have been gradually chipping away at some of the old man’s clothing and belongings that have been in my moms basement since The Old Man passed seven years ago. But this past week, I really decided to start cleaning in earnest. I hit that point where I was deep in the middle of cleaning and I wanted did not want to stop.

The next thing I knew, I was going through my own clothing, bagging up stuff that was old or no longer fit – to donate to charity.

Finally, now that I’m on spring break, I’ve taken down the last of The Old Man’s train table. Ever since X1’s parents passed, I’ve felt this need to start paring down on the clutter in my parents’ house. It was a physically and emotionally grueling process when we had to go through my ex in-laws stuff. And it was almost 20 years ago. I’m 20 years older now and I’ve slow down that much more physically.

I feel like I’ve also been mentally purging lately too. I’m just ready for some change in my life. I’m starting to move on from people who are no longer in my life. There’s been women that I would talk to, maybe even go out with once or twice; have their phone numbers, have photos of them on my cell phone. These are people who stopped talking to me, or I have stopped talking to them; people who have gone on with their lives. This also includes a People for whom I have realized that they are simply “emotional and psychological merry-go-round“. They never change and they never seem to learn anything from their experiences. Every time I try to talk to them or interact with them, it’s the same drama over and over again.

I have this tendency to hang onto things for a little bit too long; be at relationships, people, material possessions. It’s a habit that I am trying to break. However, when I’m ready to let go of something, it is gone.

Right now, I’m just in a mood to let go of a lot of things that are no longer useful to me, and people who aren’t willing to invest in much as me as I am in them

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  1. Cleaning out the closet is a monster task, I’m with you on that. And emotional clutter is a real thing. Coming to terms with the fact that some people might have let YOU go a long time ago is helpful in moving on and letting them go, too.

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