Go stand on that desk

Today, my mom‘s next-door neighbor cut down the bushes and tore out a privacy fence that had been aligning the edge of his at my moms property for at least the last 40 years.

The bushes were way overgrown. So much so in fact, that even the privacy fence had become uprooted out of the ground and was just resting along the bush line.

Now, I have been in this next-door neighbor’s yard over the years, but today was the very first time I had ever seen in their yard from my mother’s yard, with the view that I had. This was also the first time ever that I was able to see down the street into the yards of three or four of my other neighbors. I was also able to see houses that were on the next block as well.

It’s amazing the way sometimes your whole perspective of a place can change; especially a place that you are very familiar with. All it takes removing some barriers. Or looking at it from a different perspective.

As I may have mentioned before, one of my all-time favorite movies is dead poets society. For those who don’t know, Dead Poets is the story of a free-thinking, non-conformist teacher Mr. Keatong (Robin Williams in an Oscar-winning performance) and his high school students at a straight least New England Pprep school in the literally 1950s. Early on in the school year, Keating encourages his students to stand up on his teachers desk and take a look at his classroom. He explains that in doing so, the world looks different when you see it from a new perspective. The movie also ends with the students, literally taking a stand on their own desks in a show support for their teacher.

I bring all this up right now because sometimes I think it is important to stop, regroup, and try to see things from another point of view. I’ve been trying to do that for the last couple of days; reassessing things in my life from a different perspective. Taking the high ground. Standing on that desk.

The world looks different when you see things from another point of you. Whether it’s your own personal problems, a conflict you’re having with another person. The actions of others; sometimes you need to just stop, take a step back, and reassess things from a different perspective.


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