Same Old Lang Syne

Earlier this year, I dated a woman who I shall call The Traveler. I liked her. We had a really good chemistry. We were both attracted to each other. We went out a few times. However, I was also dating another woman – whom I will call Flat Earther – at the time. I was getting to a point where I had to decide who I was going to see exclusively, because I knew that they both wanted to see me exclusively.

It turned out The Traveler’s sister actually did some snooping on social media, and realized that I was seeing Flat Earther. Traveler was willing to keep seeing me, as long as I broke up with Flat Earther. I was so taken aback by the meddling by The Traveler’s sister, that I ended up staying with Flat Earther

As fate would have it, Flat Earther and I ended up breaking up a month or so later. This was an exercise in hubris for me. It’s lesson stays with me to this day

I bring this up because the other day, I decided to look up The Traveler on social media. Nothing sinister. Nothing stalker-ish. I was legitimately, curious as to what she was up to.

I knew the she was seeing someone. We were following each other on Snapchat and I eventually saw a photo of her and he new fella. But to my surprise, when I looked at her Facebook page a few days ago, I learned that they got married. I didn’t really look too extensively, but it looks like that may have married as recently as September.

Did I dodge a bullet, or did I miss my shot?

I sit here tonight thinking about this as I write.

I sit here tonight as I’m typing and I think about this. The traveler was serious. I mean, I knew when her and I were together, she was serious about a exclusive long term relationship. But she married the next guy who came along. Granted, I know, sometimes you meet someone and you’re completely flipped and  how head over heels you can become about them. But she was serious enough that, probably even when she was with me, she was thinking about it.

More than that, this has me thinking back to Jessica again. Jessica and I were talking about marriage. I mean, we were seriously discussing how we would get married. Where we would do it at period who would be there. I can’t even get a conversation with her on the phone now. All I get from her at this point are these dry text messages

and I know that as I’m trying to get out there and find the one, I know that this is a situation where me and the people I’m dating are very much playing with each other’s hearts and emotions. Not playing, per se, but rather, this is affecting our very hearts and emotions.

 maybe it’s time to put an end to the trio once and for all. 

2022 ends in roughly 2 hours.  And I’m ending the year in pretty much the same spot where I started it. It’s been quite a roller coaster. Let’s see what the next 12 months bring…


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