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lighting the beacons

The beacons have been lit.

As of this posting, Rebuilding Rob is now public.

What hath God wrought?

message misfortune

Well, I called her. I called SHG.  At least the number she gave me – which was a Sprint number. i think she said she had Sprint on her cell phone. I left a voice mail. That’s all I can do…

It’s funny because it got me thinking – about the fact that its been so long since I’ve had to make that first call. So long, in fact that the last time i had to make that “first call” – cell phones weren’t such a everyday part of our lives. In fact, I don’t think I got my first cell until ’98 or ’99. Which brings me to the crux of this entry;

I re-recorded my voice mail message for her probably three or four times. Not because I forgot anything, but I wanted it to sound good. That’s the beauty with digital voice mail on cell phone carriers. one doesn’t have to make multiple calls to fix a message, as you see Mikey struggle with in the above clip.

Before digital voice mail, callers had one shot to get a message right, lest they look pathetically desperate, like Mikey in Swingers.  what about the days before caller ID?  Before answering machines?  That first phone call was much more of a crap-shoot in those days.  any number of things could have gone wrong.

Although all the amenities we have today are nice, but they eliminate nearly all external factors.  In the 21st century, if she doesn’t call back, it’s all due to one undeniable conclusion: she doesn’t want to.

God bless the digital age.  All in all, I wasn’t terribly happy with the final result, so we’ll see. As I said, I did all I could do. I called her.

And I’ll never have to ask “What if”?

Rob goes to the movies: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Really, I'm not being paid for this.

Really, I’m not being paid for this.

Although I’ve never read the books, I loved Peter Jackson’s the Lord of the Rings movies So much, that I’m one of those viewers who wishes they were  actually longer (yes, even longer than the extended editions).  watching those movies, I was thoroughly convinced that Middle-earth was a real place – and that these movies were filmed there.  In fact, not since the original Star Wars have a I had a movie-watching experience as fulfilling as the first time I saw “The Fellowship of the Ring”.   So it goes without saying that this review may be a little biased.

One thing to keep in mind is “the hobbit” is a different, smaller-scale story than the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.  The book on which “…Hobbit” was based is around 300 pages.  Excluding it’s appendices, The Lord of the Rings clocks in at well over 1100 pages. At times, it is a more light-hearted, and slower-paced story, the last hour of “An Unexpected Journey” is  just as intense as any sequence of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

For the techies: I saw the movie in 3D (my first choice, 3D IMAX, was sold out). One of the things I loved about LOTR is how real things felt. When I first saw those movies, everything – the scenery, the clothing, the weapons, the makeup and the special effects all looked like a very real, very lived-in place. I didn’t have that feeling this time. I particularly noticed with the scenes set in The Shire.  Computer generated monsters and parts of scenery jumping in and out of the screen in 3D only reminded me that Middle Earth doesn’t really exist.  I have heard that the HFR format provides the best 3D effects.   If I see it again in theaters, I’m definitely seeing it in 2D.  I like the idea of suspending my disbelief when watching a movie.  The easiest format is that which most movies of the last 100 years have been shot in:  2D, 24 FPS.

you miss the pain…

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