when it rains…

I just got in from going out for the second time in as many nights this weekend.

Thanks to one of my ubiquitous, clandestine informants, it has come to my attention that one of sis’s friends from the social club, whom I shall refer to as “Ivy” admitted to liking me after imbibing in several alcoholic beverages on NYE. Truth be told, I’m kinda surprised I haven’t mentioned her before.  She’s one of the first people I met in the Social Club; having hung out with her at the Kenny Chesney pre-show tailgate shindig.  Ivy & I were pilgrims in an unholy land that day:  two alternative die-hards in an ocean of country folk.

She’s a cool girl and all, but I don’t really see a lot there besides a common taste in music. To be honest, I’m not really attracted to her at all- physically anyway.  She’s definitely one of those people I would have to get to know and then become attracted to, if you get my meaning.   Looking back on NYE, I could see how I may have been putting out “the vibe” to her; at one particular point when we were dancing. Not slow dancing, mind you, kinda fast, which may have been even worse than slow dancing.   Having this info in-hand made for a very awkward goodbye Saturday night. I sensed it from her and I certainly felt it myself.

Saturday night / Sunday morning, in one of those informal debriefings that take place on the way home from the bar , Sis tells me that she thinks that another one of her friends (an alias is forthcoming) seemed interested in me. Now, this one, I quickly refuted, inking that she AIF was just being drunk, friendly and maybe a little flirty. Who knows?  One of my great weaknesses is that it’s always been hard for me to pick up on a woman’s sometimes all-too-subtle hints. I’m pretty slow to pick up on those kinds of things, so who’s to say for sure?

To the fellas: In general, do you think  most women are too subtle when dropping hints at their feelings toward a guy?

Here i am, with definitely one, possibly two women thinking about me and yet i’m still pining after Red & SHG. I’m hoping they show up at Happy Hour this Friday; if for nothing else, than to finally put up or shut up with them.

Friday night while in Berkley, I experienced what alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity: I realized that I have to just go after what I want. No more dilly-dallying or trying to be cool. Much of my success during my Samurai Days was a result of simply going after who or what I wanted. Sure, I would get shot down quite a but but the successes only helped to increase my confidence.  Right now, I can use all the confidence I can get.

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