Double shot

Once again, I have managed to go out twice in the same weekend.

Friday night was the social club‘s happy hour.  SHG was there; Red was not which made for some pretty good conversation fodder. We talked a couple times, but she had 2 guys hovering over her the entire night.  Phred recommend I let it go; citing that one the guys was “nice”.   I did for the most part.  The other two guys were a major detractor for me.  Maybe it’s cowardice; maybe it’s arrogance, but i refuse to stand there and compete with two other guys for the attention of ANY woman. (Yes, this would have also been true of the STBX had any other guys been into her the day we met.)  I will not be anyone’s Mr. Maybe.  I am going to be Mr. Right, or at least Mr. Right Now.

We usually leave Rochester a little early and get some drinks closer to home.  Friday night was no exception. Before I left, I asked SHG if i could call or Facebook her.   She said sure, so I sent a friend request the next day.  I haven’t gotten a response yet.
Maybe she’s playing the game. Or maybe she’s not interested.  In any case, I gotta move on. The next time, I’ll ask for a number and take my chances.

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