Worlds collide

It wasn't exactly like Crisis On Infinite Earths, but you get the idea...
It wasn’t exactly like Crisis On Infinite Earths, but you get the idea…

As I spent Tuesday and Wednesday nights at The Auteur’s house, it started to occur to me just how much our lives are starting to intertwine.  Of course, this is probably normal for this stage of any relationship; but the accelerated pace her and I have been on seems to have skewed everything else.

I’ve met her daughter, 1B, a few times now, and was even there to take her to school twice this week.  Hell, I’ve even met one of her neighbors already.  Her day-to-day situations with her friends, her family and, yes, even her exes has started to become everyday speak in my own life as well.

Now, the Auteur has only been out to the Heights twice (well to see me anyway) once to pick me up for our trip to Traverse City last weekend, and again to drop me off.  In doing so, she had the chance to meet my entire immediate family on Mother’s Day – which meant far more to me than I expected.  I talked a bit about this when I met 1B, but this meant even more to me. Almost as great as meeting the family, she’ll mention these ideas for things that WE can do with The Boy once he’s up here for the summer. Equally cool is when she starts talking about things we can do with both The Boy and 1B.  I love that she wants to include The Boy in things; that she acknowledges him as a part of the package.

In a weird way, it kind of legitimizes our relationship. It sounds corny, I know but I feel like her and I are in the process of unleashing this new power-couple upon the world. Smooth Reentry once wrote about being in “Marriage Purgatory” a phenomenon to which I can relate.  I can’t wait until my divorce (and The Auteur’s for that matter) are both official

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