Could it be that this fourteen month odyssey is finally coming to an end?

I am currently blogging from Moncks Corner, South Carolina, where I will be appearing in court tomorrow.  Last week, I was informed by my attorney that court appearance I was supposed to have back in June was rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon.  Apparently Jabba and her attorney got their shit together and submitted files their motion (motions?) with the court, so I made plans to come down for the court date.

after landing in Myrtle Beach and getting my rental car, I got a call from my attorney.  He explained to me that he & Jabba’s attorney have reached a settlement. He didn’t go into too much detail; but what he did described sounded pretty good.  I’m going to try to read the settlement before we go into court tomorrow.

In equally good news, The Auteur signed her divorce papers on Monday.  According to her attorney, she should have her final papers in about 60 days.

Her and I have both been living with these divorces hanging over our heads for so long now that I almost feel like I’m used to them (the divorces) just being a lingering thing.  It’s not unlike when Rob says to Mikey in Swingers that “you’ve lived with it for so long, you almost miss the pain”.    Howerer after talking to my lawyer, I quickly found myself adjusting to the idea of “No More Jabba”.

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