a screen capture of Winter Storm Ion from a 2 days ago.
a screen capture of Winter Storm Ion from a 2 days ago.

Like most Americans, i’m dealing with the effects of Winter Storm Ion (and when the hell did they start naming winter storms anyway?).  I’ve been more or less staying close to home the last several days due to a combination of the snow amounts, cold temperatures and poor road conditions.  Most local schools have announced that the were closing today (Monday) as well as tomorrow (Tuesday).  Local temperatures have been below-zero for the better part of today.  It’s probably the coldest this area has been in at least 20 years.  Given how long I lived down South, my body is really not used to these temperatures.

It’s been nice to spend some quality time on the home front with The Auteur and 1B.  I’ve already watched probably a half-dozen movies that I hadn’t seen before and I’ve been able to get caught up on some recreational reading.  Today however, I really started suffering from cabin-fever; so I made a much-needed trip to the grocery store. I was able to get out long enough to catch my breath, my bearings and get cold enough that I wanted to get back home.  All in all, it was a good trip.

My new semester was supposed to start today.  I’ve been in touch with my academic advisor, trying to figure out exactly what I need so I can get re-certified to teach and possibly finish my Master’s degree.  I just want to get done.  I’ve talked so much about getting done and accomplishing my goals that I just want to do it.  It’s like the line in When Harry Met Sally… when Billy Crystal says something to the effect of “When you decide what you want to do with the rest of your life, you want the rest of your life to begin as soon as possible”.  I’m ready move forward; now I just need the weather to improve.

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