down in a hole

down in a hole

People think that getting a divorce decree is the final step in the whole divorce process.  I’m coming to the realization that it is just the beginning.

As I posted earlier here, this past Christmas, my divorce and my interactions with The Kid and with Jabba were taken to a whole new level.  One would think that once the divorce was finalized, or at least very close to being finalized, that things would start to settle down – adjust to the New Normal if you will.

HERE, I’M GONNA SAY IT:  I believe that The Kid was –  and continues to be – manipulated by Jabba.  I think he was coached and coerced into saying “Dad, i feel like I’m being replaced”  and “I’m not here to see the Auteur; I’m here to see Mother and The Old Man”.  I saw what a good time he had while he was here with us.  I saw first-hand how willing he was to confide in The Auteur; and the fact that he seemed like he would genuinely miss her as he was getting ready to go home.

The Kid’s word continue to haunt both me and my relationship with the Auteur.  Even before this Christmas visit, I already had some real concerns with The Kid’s mouth.  He’s becoming a smart-ass.  He is very sarcastic, particularly for a 6 year old.  He is, as mother put it best, “his mother’s son”.  The sad reality is that there is very little I can do about this.

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