Turning 40 – The Things You Learn | GQ

Food for thought.

Turning 40 – The Things You Learn | GQ.


  1. Haahaaa! I love this, even if it was written by the male perspective.

    As a 48 year old woman, I 100% agree with these two statements:

    “You’ll care less what people think about you, which is great.”

    “People will also be thinking a lot less about you, which sucks.”

    Yup, invisibility at 48 years of age sucks. I am invisible to men my age, men in their fifties and sometimes even men in their sixties. What kind of men do I attract? Younger twenty-somethings who have *Make it with an Older Woman” on their *Shit I Gotta Do While I’m Young* List. It’s crazy.

    My 28 year old plumber never tires of coming on to me, despite my protests that I am too old, not to mention, old enough to be his mom!


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