Wither monogamy?

The ‘gray divorce’ trend: As the Gates split shows, more older couples are getting divorced. Here’s why

I have to admit when I first came across this article, I thought the only reason I was going to post about it was for the sake of getting more traffic to this blog. I figured it’s about a divorce, and it was enough for me. But the more I started to think about it, This article talks a lot about people getting divorced later in life; in this case Bill and Melinda Gates, getting divorced at 65 and 56 respectively.

I don’t think that the story really told me anything that I didn’t already know about people getting divorced later in life. But on a deeper dive, this story talks about people finding happiness later in life; people changing as they grow older, and people deciding they wanted something different. I think these are possibilities that all divorcees must consider

The story brings me back to the age old question: are humans truly made to be monogamous?

This is a topic that warrants further research . To be continued…

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