A New manifesto

A little under nine years ago, I started this blog as both means in which to connect with other divorced men, as well as soapbox from which I could vent about my own struggles, as well as share my accomplishments.

In many respects, things have come full circle for me in those nine years. Im older and wiser now. I’m 47 and I now have two failed long-term relationships in my rear-view mirror. That has made me more jaded about relationships than I have ever been my life.

But it hasn’t been all false starts and failure. From those two relationships came my sons – whom I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. My relationship with both of them is as good as it’s ever been. In addition, I have finally found my footing and a sense of belonging in chosen career. COVID-19 and the recent civil unrest in America have made the last year both the most challenging and most rewarding times of my professional life.

All of this is got me back to my blog. I have had a few, small smatterings of posts over the last few years, but I’ve been away for too long. In spite of all the time that has passed and all the things that have changed, I still see myself as an advocate for divorced dads; as well as men in custodial situations. My heart still goes out to people whose long-term relationships, romances and marriages come to an a untimely end. Like so many other people, I am still trying to be the best father, the best son, the best friend, the best professional, the best human being that I can be.

The rebuild never ends.

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