That moment when you realize that your life is worth less than a lobbyist’s dollar

We had a lockdown situation at my school yesterday, and it wasn’t a drill.

Thankfully no one was hurt. No one got into the school, and technically, there as no active shooter. A armed man was spotted just off of our campus, on one of the main streets bordering our school.

Still, when he was spotted, we went into lockdown mode: doors into the building were locked as we all went to or classrooms to lock ourselves in.

In a society that worships guns, it’s all blood money

I am lucky and grateful for the fact that none o my students, co-workers or member of the community were hurt. But the event got me thinking. While this was unfolding, I realized that this was no different than what has transpired in countless schools over the last 20 years. In fact, I myself have been a part of one or two other lot situations as well. Likewise, no one was hurt and either of those.

But it all got me thinking about the fact that nothing has really changed since the shooting at Columbine. No real, common sense gun control laws have been passed. Politicians are still too scared, or too greedy, to turn away the gun lobbyists., or their money.

And a terrible thought hit me. As Michael Jackson once sang: “ they don’t really care about us “.

What are your thoughts on the gun epidemic in America?

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