goin’ down South

It’s on.

Tonight, I booked airline tickets for both me and my son – so I could get him back to South Carolina after spending a week with me.  So, this trip down South is as set-in-stone as it’s going to be.

Got a free drink at the bar tonight.  The bartender claims it was because one of the waitresses went to get her own drinks, so they had an extra beer.  Whatever, in any case, free Bud Light is free Bud Light. I told my drinking partner (my sister) that it was because I was talking to the bartender earlier and she liked me.  Yeah, right.

A SIDE NOTE:  Flattery will get you everywhere with me.

Whitesnake came on the radio  earlier today and it reminded me of Old School, particularly the “Frank The Tank” character.  While Will Farrell is hilarious in this movie, his character has a pretty heavy back-story by the end; he is a divorcee who is trying to put his life back together – something I can relate to.

I don;t really know what this blog is supposed to be – I’m making it up as I go.  I certainly never intended to link to a You Tube video everyday, but here goes:

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