course correction

At long last, I finally sent off my copy of the STBX’s separation agreement – with my counter-proposals of course. I’m finally glad to have that off of my chest.  I still get a chuckle out of the fact that she  said to me “you mean you’re retaining a lawyer?”  Did she really think otherwise? Especially after I told her I was going to get a lawyer?

Moving on.

I went for a walk again tonight – trying to get back into the habit of that as well.  which brings me to my point: I’ve been drifting lately – losing sight of my goals.  Right now, my main focuses are getting re-certified and getting back to South Carolina, so I can be there for my son.  Nothing else really matter right now.

i have class tomorrow night – and while I got my books over the weekend, I’ve been putting off doing my homework for the last few days.  No better time that the last minute – that attitude has probably done more to get me where I am today than anything else.

It’s time for me to get re-focused.  I have many of the tools that I need at my disposal – to bring about the changes that i’ve needed for so long in my life.  It’s time to start using them.

Okay, one last daily affirmation – only because its so ridiculous:

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