Tales from another broken home

I get a phone call yesterday from a 843 area code number that I don’t recognize.  After checking my voice mail, I realize that it’s my son.  As she has talked about doing, the STBX bought our son a cell phone.  Needless to say, I have some mixed feelings about this.

He is 5.  He called me 3 times yesterday, not so much to talk as it was to play with the new phone.  As a teacher, I know what a hot-button topic “students and cell phones” is.  I worry that starting him with one at such a young age sets a bad precedent.  My brother’s 11-year-old step-son got an iPhone 5 this week; and he apparently has a tendency to misplace and/or break phones. Is that the road the STBX has started our son on?

On the other hand, I’m happy that he has his own means of contacting me -without having to rely on using the STBX’s phone.  Likewise, he has the means to contact her for day-to-day stuff, like if he misses his bus at school or it’s running late.  Furthermore, it isn’t a full -blown cell phone; rather, it’s one of those “kid phones” that only has 4 or 5 numbers on speed dial, It doesn’t even include a regular keypad.

I guess the pros outweigh the cons, so long as he doesn’t abuse it.  This is just one of those parental decisions her and I will have to make as he grows up.  I guess I feel like i wasn’t part of this one.  She decided she was going to do this before we even split up.

I still haven’t heard back from my lawyer yet.  I’ll have to call him later today.

In the meantime, insomnia sucks.

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