a funny thing happened to me on my way to la-la-land

“In-laws should be considered outlaws”  – Malcolm X

Had a good time at happy hour as I blogged about last night : running into the two women who have seriously caught my eye recently yet playing it very cool, seeing a live band, and yes getting drunk with Sis all made for a worthwhile night.

Despite drinking and going to bed very late, I managed to be up by 8 this morning.  Naturally, I needed a nap this afternoon.  As I tried to fall asleep, I got a very unexpected phone call.  My formerly soon-to-be-brother-in-law, whom for the purposes of anonymity, we’ll call “Barbecue” called me somewhat out of the blue today.  For those keeping score at home, Barbecue is the STBX’s sister’s fiance.

Still with me?

Anyway, Barbecue calls asking me of there’s anything he can do or say, or suggest to the STBX so that she can re-word her separation agreement and get me to sign it. I thanked him for his consideration and told him that the STBX knows exactly what I wanted changed in her separation agreement.

A big part of me wanted to tell him where he could put that separation agreement, but I chose the high road.  Honestly, it was a really awkward conversation and I feel bad that the STBX and her sister put him up to it.  Maybe I should warn him off about this family he’s planning on marrying into…


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