a war of attrition

I haven’t put up an entry in 10 days.  The impending holiday and no classes has left me with a lot of down-time (but I got an entry or two that i’m working on).  Anyway, the down-time has allowed me some time to go through a “purging phase” and a little stroll down memory lane; but more on that later…

I got a text from the STBX this afternoon.  She basically told me to  let her know my plans for Christmas regarding The Boy (the separation agreement she originally had written up gave me the first half of his Christmas break, including Christmas).  To make a long story short, she was trying to jip me out of one day with The Boy, because she returns to work a day before he goes back to school.

After talking to her for the first time in ages tonight, Sis advised me of the math on The Boy’s holiday’s break; (BIGGIE props to Phred on this one!!) So I called the STBX back about one hour later.  The STBX, reluctantly with it – namely, the visitation as described in the separation agreement she had written up.

Of course, i’m expecting this to all change once she gets served…

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