Something new and something old

My parents had a pretty cool idea for Black Friday 2012.  They had earned enough “comp points” at Motor City Casino to get dinner for 4 on-the-house.  So Sis and I accompanied them to the casino this afternoon.  In addition, we were looking forward to going today as the Casino was randomly giving away prizes to Club members (regular players).

A LITTLE BACKGROUND:    I generally don’t like to gamble; not out of some moral conflict, I simply get no joy from it.  I’ve never been good at gambling and it’s never been something I could afford to try to learn through trial and error. Before Friday, the most I ever spent at a casino was $40, and that was only because I was trashed.  

Today,  I spent about $50 before I stopped myself.  It was only marginally more fun than the time I dropped $40 at Windsor. even as I was going through the motions, I realized that I would much rather spend that money on alcohol or even in a strip club.

All in all, it was fun; and different, in keeping with my desire to try new things.

After dinner Friday evening, I got together with “The Reverend” one of my good college friends.  Although we’ve managed to keep in touch, I haven’t seen the Reverend in at least a year or so.  I met his wife for the first time tonight and we were able to get caught up on recent events.  Inevitably, my end of the conversation turned to recent events with the STBX.

As the night drew to a close, I couldn’t help but think about how our fortunes with the opposite sex have changed recently.  The Reverend has had a few girlfriends, but nobody very serious.  The STBX and I were married for 11 1/2 years, and and together for 16 1/2.  Jesus, was it really that long?  Today, he’s married and I’m easing back into bachelorhood.  I truly am happy for him; but it just reminded me how much and how quickly things have changed in my life.

Saturday will be my first ever Pub Crawl.  As I understand, the drinking at these things can get pretty intense.  I’m just hoping it’s fun.  Some of the people from the Social Club should be there.  We shall see…

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