The Kid Goes Digital

Batman:  Digital Justice
If Batman can jump into the digital domain, then so can I…

Yesterday, I stepped into the digital dating domain and bought a 3 month membership on I set up an account earlier this week, but a user can’t do much beyond window shopping without buying some kind of membership. Aye, there’s the rub. Of course, the fact that a few people starting viewing my profile, especially once I posted a picture is what really got me to pay up.

I must admit, since I got the membership, I’ve been a little bit obsessed with seeing who ‘s looking at my profile and who the system is trying to set me up with.  In fact, I spent a good portion of this afternoon and evening exchanging e-mails with a couple different ladies. (they will tentatively be known by the code names “The Doc”  and “The Boss”.)  We’ll see what comes of all of this.

UPDATE:  11:00 PM Friday night:  It’s interesting:  my two e-mail exchanges with The Doc were pretty long-winded.  On the other hand, The Boss and I exchanged about a half-dozen short messages and set up a “date” for Saturday night.

Holy shit is this gonna be weird. We are just going to get drinks, so hopefully I won’t get too worked up tomorrow.

Yeah right…

There is a part of me that is concerned about the STBX somehow catching wind of my venture into the world of on-line dating.  Not embarrassment or anything, just concern since the divorce is still pending. If anything even remotely serious comes of this newest endeavor, I have got to play it low-key.  This is one of those time where it pays for the STBX to be five states away.

I think I needed to do something like this – to kind of break out of Sis’s shadow with the Social Club.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re awesome people; but I feel like I’ve really needed to venture out and meet some people on my own.

Later today (Saturday) the STBX is throwing a birthday party for our son.  His birthday isn’t until Tuesday but I overnighted his presents so he would have them in time for the party.  Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise – meeting The Boss for drinks tonight.  It will help take my mind off the fact that this will be my son’s first birthday party that I will miss.


  1. You are due man! Remember, it’s a numbers game!

    I will be interested to compare notes on vs OKC. has sort-of been my carrot reward for when my divorce is final.

    Be sure to follow this blog:

    I read his book and it was an awesome read! It really helped me keep the right perspective that it is just a numbers game.

    Good luck!


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