The Ivy Incertitude

It would be a little easier if Ivy looked more like her namesake.

I’ve made passing references to Ivy in previous entries but I haven’t gone into much detail, so here goes:

I met Ivy last summer at the Kenny Chesney concert. If memory serves me correctly, she may have been the first person sis introduced me to when we started tailgating that day. Like me, Ivy couldn’t give two shits about country music. Punk, new wave, alternative, metal -this was our common ground.

Fast Forward a few months:  Sis explained to me that “Ivy likes you,” something I picked up on back at New Year‘s.

Then of course, there was Valentine’s Night when she made her move after bowling.

And that’s another thing:  I respect the fact that she’s a little bit aggressive.  She knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to go after it

This woman likes me for exactly who I aim, period.  I don’t even have to try with her.  There is no “super me” when I’m with her.  More often than not.  i find myself even “reining in” my personality when I’m talking to her.  Jesus, she probably thinks I’m the quiet. mysterious guy…

She makes more money than I do (or did) and probably makes more than i will ever make – given my line of work.  She has absolutely no problem with that. and most amazing of all, this woman wants me.

So what is my problem?

I’m not physically attracted to her.  I mean, there’s a little potential there, but I just never felt it from the get-go. Probably the nicest way to word it would be to say “she’s got a great personality”. the truth of the matter is, I think I can do better – at least in the looks department.   A lot of people like to say that a woman knows in the first 5 minutes just how far she’s gonna go with a guy.  Well, i say a guy knows in the first 5 seconds just how far he wants to go with a woman.

Sometimes I think I should just do it with her, rid myself of the Cameron Frye Syndrome.  The problem is I respect her and I consider her a friend.  Furthermore, she is Sis’s friend, and I don’t want to do anything that would possibly affect their friendship.

One comment

  1. Hey–FYI, I have three post coming up with links to this blog. I hope it helps. I will start linking to it more in my writings.

    Is she a “5”? Or is she a “4”? That is a big difference! ie, are you neutral towards her, or does she physically repel you?

    If she is a 5, I would definitely keep Ivy as a “Spinning Plate”. She is a big girl, as long as you are honest with her your are not playing her, and your sister nor Ivy will have anything to get hurt about.

    By “spinning plate” I mean stay in contact with her, do fun stuff, etc…let her remain “on the radar”. That doesn’t necessarily mean have sex with her.

    Finding girls with good personality is harder than finding hot women. Frankly. And who gives a shit what anyone else thinks. “All cats are grey in the night” is what Ben Franklin used to say….


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