The story so far…

When I wasn’t taking my impending separation well, my soon-to-be-ex-wife suggested that I start writing again.

Be careful what you wish for…

I’m 38 and the father of the greatest five-year old boy in the world.  Twenty-nine days ago  I moved out my house, leaving my son and my-soon-to-be-ex-wife (hereafter referred to as the STBX)  five states away and back in with my parents.  It was (and is) the only option I had (and have) available at the moment.

Thomas Wolfe was right when he said “you can’t go home again“.   I thought I’d be excited top be back in familiar surroundings, but it isn’t the same place anymore. So much of the area has built up in the last eight years, and so much of it was abandoned when the economy sank a few years back.  I used to know every single family who lived on my block.  Now I hardly recognize any of the houses, let alone the people who now live in them. A very bizarre sensation, but one I should have expected.

My immediate family has been great.  God bless ’em.  They have been the very model of unconditional love.  My brother and my Dad helped me pack my things and move back here.  My mother, unable to unable to make the trip herself, was here to welcome me with open arms when we got back.  My sister has proven once again to be a great friend, confidante and drinking partner.

A SIDE NOTE:  No matter how old you are, your parents will always treat you like you’re eight years old. At least the really good ones will.   Sure, it’s annoying at times but they mean well. Taking care of you is the mission with which they were charged when you were born.  It’s just in their DNA.

Getting back to me:  I think I’m adjusting to my new-old life fairly well. At times, I feel a little lost.  I’m currently not working, but my plan is to get back into school this fall to finish my Master’s degree.  I’ll probably have to move to wherever I can find a job, but ideally I’d like to be relatively close to my son.  I have no intention of becoming a “weekend and holiday dad”.  To her credit, my STBX and I have thus far remained “a united front” on all things pertaining to our son.

On a different topic:  my 20 year high school reunion is coming up.  I did not attend either my 5 or 10 year reunions but I’m excited about this one.  I did not particularly  enjoy my high school years, I’m curious to see some of my old classmates again. I blame Facebook for this change of heart.  When I got on there, I started friending people whom I went to school with but never talked to.  Social media really has changed our world.

ANOTHER SIDE NOTE: Anyone who tells you that high school is the best time of your life has never been to college.

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