The Liking Gap

From the inter webs…

The ‘Liking Gap’ Might Be Why You Wonder if People Secretly Hate You

This article is from about a year ago, but I only stumbled across this recently through social media. I think this speaks volumes to most people.

In fact, I’d be willing to take the liking gap idea one step further and say that I personally don’t think I realize the impact I have upon other people. Weather it is friends, family, love the ones, significant others, I think sometimes I don’t appreciate the fact that my words and my actions have on people.

I remember having conversations with X2 about this. A lot of times I feel like I’m just a replaceable cog in the machine. I specifically remember one time discussing this with her and seeing that I don’t think I really appreciated how much things I did and things I said affected her.

And I am not saying this as some kind of “woe is me” kind of thing. I think that we is humans have enough trouble determining our self worth. if we have difficulty knowing what we are worth to ourselves, how in the hell can we know what we are worth to other people?

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