Chasing away the big C with the little c

As of this writing, I’m 48, which puts me well within the age range that the Center for Disease Contol recommends men have a colonoscopy

This past Thanksgiving, my doctor recommended that I take the Colo guard test to detect for any potential polyps or colon cancer. Yes, that’s the one where you poop inside the box.

I sent my sample in and the test came back positive. So my doctor recommended I go ahead and get an actual colonoscopy.

At the time that I originally started writing this, Kevin Conroy and Kirstie Alley had recently died of colorectal and colon cancer respectively. A few years back, Chadwick Boseman died of colon cancer in a case that he was able to keep extremely private.

I’m fairly certain that I don’t have colorectal cancer, or any cancer for that matter; but I’m pretty sure these celebrities didn’t think they had it either. My colonoscopy is scheduled for this Saturday.

Chasing the little c to avoid the big C

I guess it’s yet another reminder that I’m getting older.A woman I graduated from high school with had a bout of breast cancer very recently. She is healthy and doing well. In fact, I saw her at my high school reunion this past fall.

The tag team of Mother Nature and Father Time are undefeated in the annals of human history. In my mind, I’m my heart and I’m my gut I truly don’t believe that I am sick. Hopefully this is just the universe’s way of reminding me about humility and perspective

All the same, when this is all said, and done, I hope that this experience ends up being a minor footnote in my life.


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