In defense of Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness Is Not a Gym | Men’s Health.

the Planet fitness logo
the Planet fitness logo

Personally, I love Planet Fitness.  I love the “Judgement-Free Zone”. I love the Lunk-Head alarm. I love the inexpensive monthly rate.  I love the incredibly flexible hours of operation – with their higher-traffic locations open 24/7.  And I love the fact that my local PF gym is/was absolutely immaculate.

The atmosphere at Planet Fitness is what got me going to the gym on a regular basis.  I started regularly working out at PF a few months after moving back to Michigan.  I wanted to get myself into better shape.  I wanted to feel better; and yes, I wanted to look better.  I appreciate the fact that people of all ages, shapes and sizes are not only welcomed at PF but are the majority of their clientele.

Not only do gyms rats not run the place at PF, they are almost the object of ridicule.  Sirens are sounded and flashers are lit the moment anyone clangs weights together or grunts excessively.  This is all a part of making the average person feel welcome and accepted at PF.

The author of the above article strikes me as a disgruntled gym rats, who – for once in his life – was the subject of ridicule during his first, and presumably his last, visit to Planet Fitness.  I will meet the author halfway on one point:  I don’t like bullying and I don’t like one person alienating another for any reason.  Why can’t PF be all gyms to all people?  Why not include more free weights?  Maybe even in a separate area?

When I was working out on a regular basis, I found myself starting to feel more like a gym rat and less of an average joe. Had I continued going, I may have even “graduated” to more of a hard-core free-weight traditional gym.

The fact is, Planet Fitness works for me.  It is cheap, clean, and comfortable.  During my time there, I found myself getting in better shape, building muscle, eating better and most of all feeling better about myself.  I have never felt comfortable in the traditional muscle-head gym so I never went to one.  Maybe the gym rates should follow the same advice when it comes to Planet Fitness.


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